About Deviant Dolls

Deviant Dolls Ltd is a registered New Zealand company. The First of its kind and the only official legitimate New Zealand Registered Sex Doll company.


We only sell Adult looking sex dolls, our Dolls have all been through NZ customs and are 100% legal to own in New Zealand. Deviant Dolls is the only sex doll company in New Zealand that stocks sex dolls in New Zealand ready to dispatch to you, it usually takes about a week from choosing your doll on this website to having Sex with your lifelike sex doll at home.

All over the internet companies offer sex dolls and there are a few based in New Zealand, they are able to show hundreds of sex dolls on their websites with enhanced professional images supplied by doll manufacturers because they are on-sellers with no stock. We show real pictures of our sex dolls so there are no surprises or disappointment, what you see is what you get from Deviant Dolls Ltd.

Deviant Dolls sell sex doll bodies and heads separately, with a good selection of wigs available. So with that many combinations, we are almost certain to have a sex doll ready to go that is the right fit for you.

Deviant Dolls is the only company in New Zealand that has high-quality TPE Sex Dolls in stock in New Zealand, ready to deliver. Because we import in bulk we can afford to keep our prices down on our high-quality TPE sex dolls. Waiting 2 months or more and paying more does not necessarily give you a better product than you can buy from Deviant Dolls Ltd and receive within a week.


Behind Deviant Dolls are the Directors, alias Dan and Dominique Deviant. We're real people living real lives in the Waikato region of New Zealand. After a few inappropriate calls, we decided not to offer a phone number on the website, if you want to talk to us simply contact us by Email and request a callback. We are only an email away to answer any questions and viewing, collection in the Hamilton area and payment can be arranged for buyers who do not wish to purchase online.

Most successful businesses come from passion, and we are passionate about our sex dolls for sale in New Zealand. After purchasing a sex doll we realized that there are other Kiwis who would buy sex dolls, especially if they were more readily available from a trusted local source. That was when Deviant Dolls Ltd was formed and registered in 2019 and has since become that trusted local source.

There are many reasons why people buy sex dolls in New Zealand: Not having a sexual companion or having a partner who does not meet your sexual needs are the main reasons. Sometimes because of illness or menopause, a mismatch of libido can pause a sex life or stop it altogether. Sex Dolls offer a way to deal with sexual frustrations and keep love alive without cheating.

It's not always about having sex with the Sex Doll, some customers are just lonely and enjoy the companionship of a lifelike Adult Doll, someone to share their day with, someone to talk to, someone to sleep with, someone to wake up with, just like a real partner.

Covid 19 has changed the way we live and made meeting people more difficult but there is no need to mask or social distance from a Sex Doll, in fact there are physical and mental benefits of owning a Sex Doll, especially during the Covid 19 era. Other customers have had enough of meeting the wrong partner, enough of the drama, the worry about the risk of STD's in the dating scene.

Some customers are unable to fulfill kink fantasies with their partner, your sex doll can be tied up, spanked, and take deep throat or anal sex all night long if that's your desire. Some couples want a 3 in the bed or voyeur scene without involving a real 3rd party, a stag party, sex doll gang bangs, or simply wanting to ride the T2 lane.

Every Sex Doll owner has their own story, but as long as the Sex Dolls bring satisfaction and they bring happiness and relief to their new owners, then we are happy to provide our service.


If you want a custom doll made for you; a standing model, pubic hair, pregnant, an elf, we can do that, We are the NZ agent for Wild Night brand sex dolls click here for more information

Our Vision

To make Top Quality Sex Dolls readily available to our New Zealand customers.

Our Mission

Deviant Dolls is a New Zealand Sex Doll company that makes sexual company readily available to our customers from all walks of life. We deliver 24/7, high end, lifelike, adult dolls for adult fun.

Deviant Dolls Core Values


We will always respect our customers privacy and needs.


Deliver the best products on the market.


We price very competitively to make Doll ownership possible to most. High-quality Dolls are not cheap, but they're a lot better value than the ex-wife.

Learn more about our dolls, or browse our online shop and place your order online.

Deviant Dolls only sell Adult Dolls. We are not in the business to judge, though we agree with the NZ law which states that child looking Dolls are illegal to own, import or sell.

About Our Sex Dolls

We take pride in delivering the best quality love dolls available in New Zealand. All of our sex dolls are:

  • Individually made, one at a time, the metal skeleton is placed inside a mould and the liquid TPE is poured into the mould, once this sets the doll is removed from the cast and is then hand-finished by professional artists. The small details make all the difference! We go out of our way to ensure that permanent makeup, nails, lashes and other details look amazing.
  • Made with premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This material is very easy to clean, and your love doll will keep her shape for years.
  • Supported by a metal skeleton. You can place her in any sexual position you desire.
  • Made for your enjoyment and stimulation as the throat, vagina and anal passages are textured, ribbed and deep

What can you expect from us?

  • We guarantee discretion. There is most definitely nothing to be embarrassed about owning a sex doll but we understand the need for discretion and sometimes secrecy. We won't place any branding or reference to the product on the packaging when sent from our warehouse. If you do not want the doll delivered to your home you can pick it up from us or your nearest PBT depot, if you don't want to pay online pay cash into our BNZ bank account, we are here to help and find the best solution for you.
  • We take care of import, duty and tax requirements so that you're not hit with any unexpected fees.
  • Our Dolls are Adult Sex Dolls and therefore 100% legal to own in New Zealand.
  • Top-quality product. We pride ourselves on becoming New Zealand's leading supplier of sex dolls.
  • Great prices. We work hard to offer the best sex dolls at competitive pricing. All prices shown are in NZ Dollar and include GST.
  • A focus on customer satisfaction. Our team is available to assist you with any issues or questions.

Have more questions? Try our FAQ.